Action Cameras

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Action Camera Buyers Guide

Action cameras are becoming more and more popular among travelers, thanks to their portability and durability. Perfect for capturing moments on the go!

However, it’s essential to select an action camera that meets your requirements. Here are a few things to take into account before purchasing one:

Your Budget

When selecting an action camera, your budget is a major consideration. If you’re just starting out, a budget camera may be all the necessary equipment to get going.

A high-resolution budget camera should offer several features that make it worthwhile. These include a large sensor, image stabilization and quick frame rate.

When selecting a camera, ensure it is water-resistant. Some models can go up to 33 feet underwater without needing a housing, while others require an enclosure.

When shopping for a camera, be sure to look into ones that can record native 4K video; this will guarantee the highest quality results. Many cheaper alternatives often shoot up-scaling video which often results in poor picture quality.

Camera stabilization is becoming more and more common on action cams, allowing for a smoother ride whether skiing, snowboarding or running. This makes a huge difference to your footage so make sure not to skimp out on this feature when shopping for an action camera.

Famous Brand or Less Famous Brand?

When it comes to action cameras, there are plenty of options. But finding the ideal one for you requires research and some effort. While the camera itself is important, consider how and where it will be used as well as any accessories associated with it – like mounting on a helmet or handlebars. Don’t forget about batteries and chargers either; these can make all the difference in terms of cost efficiency. Lastly, stay within budget and don’t be afraid to make some concessions in order to get value for your money. You may not need to break the bank by buying a well-known brand.

Video Quality

Action cameras are designed to capture moments and events without blur or delay. Generally, they have a wide field of view and tend to be compact and lightweight for portability.

Some models boast digital zooms, but these tend to be crop features – meaning the focal length doesn’t actually change. This may lead to lower quality results and a smaller field of view than expected.

Another essential feature to look for when creating videos is a high frame rate. This makes the footage appear smoother.

Before purchasing any camera, be sure to confirm its waterproof status. This will depend on where you plan on using the device.

Some action cameras also feature voice control, which lets you launch certain functions with your voice. This may come in handy when using the camera in places without access to a remote; however, this feature isn’t essential.

Size and Shape

Action cameras are small video cameras that capture stunning footage from various angles. They have become popular among those who enjoy extreme sports and other outdoor adventures.

They are small enough to mount on helmets or other parts of the body and tend to be lightweight. Furthermore, these cameras are very durable, often capable of withstanding situations that would destroy traditional cameras.

These cameras come in a range of shapes and sizes, so it is essential to find one that meets your requirements. Choose from square and bulky models suitable for chest mount applications to bullet-shaped ones ideal for handlebars, bikes and helmets.

Action cameras typically offer high-resolution videos and photos. Furthermore, they often come equipped with various photo modes and features like time lapses or fast burst shooting for added effect.


Action cameras are ideal for capturing the best shots when recording video footage of sports and activities. They provide a great way to document activities such as skiing, cycling and skating.

When purchasing an action camera, it’s essential to factor in all the accessories that can be used with it. These may include a tripod, selfie stick and water housing for underwater shots.

A wide angle lens is a great way to enhance your pictures and videos. This will provide you with a wider field of view, allowing you to capture more of the scene in each shot.

When selecting an action camera, the battery life should also be taken into consideration. The longer its runtime, the higher quality videos you can expect.

Some cameras lack a zoom feature, so using a wide angle lens can help you capture more of the scene in your video. This will significantly enhance your videos and photographs.

Suction mounts can also be used to attach your action camera to the roof of your car or bike handlebars, making it a simple installation and switch between shots for optimal video capture.


Durability is an essential factor to take into account when purchasing an action camera. This type of camera must be capable of withstanding a variety of conditions while still keeping up with fast movement.

Action cameras with waterproof and shockproof capabilities offer excellent video production even in extreme conditions. These features enable you to capture stunning content no matter the environment.

Some action cameras even provide waterproofing up to 1 meter without a case, making them perfect for filming near water, such as when you’re aboard a boat.

It’s essential to select an action camera suitable for the activity you wish to record with it. Don’t invest in a device that cannot handle base jumping, for instance.

When purchasing an action camera, make sure it has a long battery life. This will depend on the type of video you plan to record and how often you plan to use it. For instance, if recording high-quality 4K videos is all you plan on using the camera for, opt for one which can last more than three hours.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most critical attributes to consider when shopping for an action camera, particularly when used outdoors. This factor can make or break your decision when selecting which model best suits your needs.


A quality action camera should be able to record crystal-clear footage regardless of the environment it’s used in. Furthermore, it must have an intuitive on-screen interface that makes using it simple and straightforward.

Photo Resolution and Modes

When taking photographs, you’ll want your camera with a high megapixel rating (such as 12MP) and various shooting modes like time-lapse or burst shots. These will give you the sharpest results.

Other useful features include WiFi and Bluetooth, which come in handy if you need to transfer photos or videos from the camera to your phone or computer. Voice control is another useful aspect that’s worth testing out; it makes focusing and controlling the camera much simpler.

Tips for Using an Action Camera

Action cameras are an ideal way to capture high-quality video and stills of your adventures. Additionally, they’re compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport when on the go.

Action camera cameras boast features like shock resistance, image stabilization and facial recognition. Together these elements can make your videos and photos appear more polished, maximize their impact and add another dimension to the experience.

In addition to these basic capabilities, some action cameras feature screens that make framing shots simpler. Plus, some can flip out for selfies and some even have touch functionality.

Action cameras typically use wide-angle lenses to capture as much context in the shot. A lens with an aperture between f/1.8 and f/4 is usually ideal.

Many action cameras are waterproof, making them suitable for use in various conditions and environments. Some even capture stunning underwater footage without needing additional accessories.