203 Photography Accessories You May Not Know About

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That’s 60 photography accessories to get you started. Read on to see the rest…

Photography Accessories

Having the correct accessories can make all the difference when taking great photos. From camera lenses to light reflectors, there are numerous items that can help you capture stunning visuals.

A few examples are here to whet your appetite but read on to see how many photography accessories there really are.

Lens Filters for a fresh perspective (and some perfect for astrophotography)

Creative lens filters add an artistic touch to your photos. They can reduce glare, eliminate reflections, or even deepen blue skies.

Flash Lighting and Studio Strobes

Portrait and wedding photographers need a flash for their shots. Flashes come in various shapes, sizes and styles so it’s essential to find one that meets your requirements.

Photo Tents

When photographing small items, a light tent can be an invaluable tool. They can be set up indoors or outdoors on location and offer you control over the lighting in your shots.

Selfie Sticks

If the idea of taking selfies on-the-go appeals to you, a selfie stick is an ideal addition for your camera bag. They come in various lengths and weights, with some having additional features like Bluetooth triggering.

Memory Card Readers

A fast memory card reader can save you lots of time when transferring images from the camera to your computer. This is especially helpful if you need to transfer hundreds of pictures at once from the camera.

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Camera Accessories For Nature Photography


The right camera accessories can make all the difference between a successful and comfortable trip and one where you end up with only some average photos. Landscape photographers in particular should carry a set of essential photography gear that suits their style of work.

A quality tripod is essential equipment for wildlife and landscape photographers. Not only does it stabilize the camera, but also reduce shake when taking long exposures or creating time-lapses.

Another essential accessory is a polarizing filter, which can be attached to your lens and reduce reflections and glares from non-metallic surfaces like water. Furthermore, these filters improve contrast and colors in images.

Silicon lens covers are an inexpensive and practical way to protect your lenses when they’re exposed to weather elements. They come in various sizes so that they can easily fit onto your camera and lens combo.

Camouflage tape is an invaluable accessory for wildlife photography if you want to remain undetectable and unnoticed. Available in various patterns and prices that make it affordable enough to purchase several packs ahead of time for quick access when taking photos.

A remote shutter release for taking long exposures is another essential accessory. This device allows you to use a shutter speed that is multiple of the camera’s own, which helps minimize shake in your long exposures.

Bridal Accessories Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, accessories can make all the difference. Some make your day easier while others help you take some of your best shots ever!

No matter if you want to go all-out for your bridal look or simply add subtle upgrades, bridal accessories can add the perfect finishing touch! Here are some of our favorites that will make sure every moment of the big day is extra special.

Veils: Complete your wedding-day hairstyle with a veil that complements the style of your dress. Cathedral-length veils offer drama, while mid-length and blusher styles are sweet and delicate.

Jewelry: For a sophisticated look, add a statement necklace or pair of stunning earrings. Try going for classic appeal with freshwater pearls, or go all out with rings featuring sparkling diamonds, rubies, or crystals.

Garters: Add an elegant touch to your accessories collection or go modern with lace, leather or denim options. Wearing a garter is both traditional and fun – the perfect way to commemorate your big day while adding some flair!

Shoes: Your dreamy heels will make you feel like a queen on your special day. Capture the moment when they slip on, and snap a photo of your footwear as a reminder of how stunningly beautiful you looked on your special day!

Details: Detail shots are an ideal way to showcase your jewelry, bouquet, and other accessories. Your photographer can capture these unique shots so be sure to ask them to include these special details!

Phone Weather Apps For Photographers

Phone Weather Apps for Photographers

For photographers, the ideal weather apps provide accurate forecasts of cloud cover, wind direction and other key elements. These details are essential when planning a photography shoot; being able to know what the weather will be like during certain times is key for being prepared.

A reliable weather app should provide an overview of current conditions, a daily and hourly forecast, as well as sun/moon rise/set times. Furthermore, it should have radar maps and severe weather alerts so you’re always prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you.

Clear Outside

Cloud cover plays an integral role when photographing landscapes. It can make or break a stunning sunrise or sunset photo. Clear Outside offers various overlays that help identify when clouds will be low, medium, or high.


Unlike most weather apps, Fotocast is designed with photographers in mind and offers additional tools to stay on track. Our hyperlocal weather data from multiple services gives the most precise forecasts for your area, plus you can configure more types of weather alerts than any other app can offer.

Set your camera settings based on current weather conditions, and get helpful photography tips when shooting in challenging conditions. Plus, with Weather Alerts PlusTM you can have alerts sent directly to you at a preset time so that you never get caught off-guard by inclement weather!

Phone Apps For Photographers

phone app

Photographers of any skill level will find some useful Phone Apps for Photographers that can make their pictures better. From creative photo editing to camera tools that make the iPhone feel like a real DSLR, these applications are worth adding to your collection.

Snapseed, one of the top free photo editing apps, provides a Photoshop-like experience for both Android and iOS users. It boasts numerous basic and advanced photo enhancement tools like red eye removal or RAW support.

Instasize is an excellent option for mobile photographers due to its extensive library of filters and photo adjustment features. It also provides text and retouching tools, border frame packs, resizing options, and much more.

Google PhotoScan – Glare-Free Scan and Save Electronic Copies

With this app, you can perform glare-free scanning of paper photographs while saving them in electronic format. This is ideal for scanning old family photos or surprising someone with triptych photography art pieces.

Photopills – Sun and Moon Planning for Landscape and Astrophotography

Astrophotographers will love this app, but landscape photographers should too! With its map feature to pinpoint your location, as well as times for golden hours or moonlight, Photopills makes for great photo opportunities.

Pixlr: Fun and Versatile Photo Editing

Pixlr is an engaging photo editing app that offers various unique effects. You can add labels, paint directly on your photos, remove sections of pixelation, or utilize double exposure for creative images in seconds.

Underwater Photography Accessories


No matter your level of underwater photography expertise, there are certain essential pieces of gear that will help make your photos and videos stand out.


Selecting the ideal camera is essential for capturing stunning underwater photos. Digital cameras come in a range of sizes, from mirrorless to DSLRs with high resolution sensors. Popular crop sensor sizes include APS-C and micro four thirds, while professional photographers should opt for full frame sensors. The type of camera of course will depend upon what kind of underwater gear you can purchase for it.


Select a quality lens that works well with both your camera and underwater housing. Macro lenses are great for capturing fine details of your subject, while wide-angles enable you to take expansive panoramas with less distortion.


Flashes and strobes are essential elements in any underwater photography setup. Not only do they cast light on your subject, but also free up your hands so you can take great pictures!

Strobe Arms, Trays & Handles

An external strobe for your underwater camera system is an excellent way to illuminate certain parts of the scene and add some vibrant color to your images. Most retailers carry strobes with arms, trays and handles that will fit perfectly on top of your camera and housing.

Lens Ports

Lens ports make all the difference when it comes to capturing crisp, clear images. They come in dome and flat styles, offering various advantages like reduced glare and a better viewfinder.

Still Life Photography Accessories

still life

When photographing still life scenes, there are various accessories you can use to enhance your images. Some of these tools are basic while others offer more sophisticated capabilities that will add significant value to your work.

Light Reflectors – Light reflectors are an effective way to control the natural lighting in your shot. They can soften shadows, better illuminate subjects and even highlight textures within compositions.

Strobes – Although more expensive, these offer additional features to enhance your shooting experience. Strobes can help take sharper pictures and also create light trails or smoke effects for still life photography.

Tripod – This essential tool for still life photographers is essential, as it keeps your camera steady and allows you to move and rearrange the setup as needed. As lighting conditions and subject placement may change during shooting, having a reliable tripod on hand will make things simpler for you.

Composition – When creating still life images, the focal point should be set so that attention is drawn to the subject. You can do this by positioning the subject so it stands out or using a shallow depth of field.

Jewelry – Necklaces, bracelets, rings and wrist watches can all be great additions to your still life photography setup. They look especially stunning when photographed against a plain background so the delicate detailing can shine through.

Props – Most shoots will require some specific props. These are going to vary greatly depending upon what you are shooting. A good tip though is to always look around your own house or ask friends or relatives to see if you can already get your hands on the props you need. Doing this can save you quite a lot of cash from buying props needlessly.

Drone Accessories for Professional Photography


There are countless reasons why drones have become so popular among photographers, but if you want to give someone special an impact on their career in photography, there are several accessories they can get. These items will enable them to capture stunning drone pictures and increase safety when flying their drone.

Professional Cleaning Camera Kit:

Drones accumulate dust and need to be regularly cleaned. A good drone cleaning kit will come equipped with a spray bottle with cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, lens tissues for gentle lens cleaning, as well as a double-sided pen to make sure your drone camera is spotless after every flight.

Battery Charger:

While many drones come with their own battery, they can take a considerable amount of time to charge. If you plan on using your drone for multiple flights, make sure you always have a spare battery handy in case one runs out.

Joystick Guard:

For maximum protection of your drone’s controller screen, a joystick guard is an essential accessory. Compatible with DJI drones, these covers will shield both the screen and buttons of the joystick.


If your drone is used for real estate shooting, this sunshade is an essential accessory. Not only does it allow for amazing shots during the day, but also protects it from harsh UV rays.

GPS Tracker:

Are you a real estate photographer who needs to monitor the location of their drone or other property, this small Tile Sport GPS tracker is ideal. It connects to your drone and displays its position on a map so you can locate it quickly.

Camera Color Accuracy and Calibration Accessories

Camera Color Accuracy and Calibration Accessories

Camera Color Accuracy and Calibration Accessories

To guarantee accurate photography, use color calibration tools such as white balance and monitor calibrators. These accessories guarantee consistent, vibrant hues throughout every step of the workflow – from capture to output.

If your photos appear cold and harsh when viewed, it could be because the white balance has been set too low. Utilizing a white balance and monitor calibrator will adjust the color temperature to a warmer setting, making your images more captivating.

Lens Focus Calibration Kits

When working with long lenses and wide apertures, it’s essential that the camera lens remains focused correctly to produce sharp images every time. Lens focus calibration kits enable you to build profiles for your lenses which correct autofocus errors and keep them in sync with each shoot.

Monitor Calibration Sensors

If your monitor doesn’t display colors accurately, calibration to a color space standard such as sRGB or Adobe RGB is essential for accurate results. With the proper hardware, you can compensate for subtleties like LED backlighting or projector color management to deliver consistent, repeatable outcomes.

SpyderX Elite

Photographers in need of fast, accurate and user-friendly monitor calibration solutions will find the SpyderX Elite to be an ideal option. Its software and colorimeter technology combine to enable users to quickly create ICC profiles for their displays in various color spaces such as sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec 709. The Elite works with various color spaces including sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec 709.

Sports Photography Accessories

Sports Photography Accessories

Sports Photography Accessories

Sports photographers capture moments from various sporting activities. While professional photographers may need to invest in high-end camera equipment with impressive autofocus and fast burst rates, amateurs can also access these features on more budget-conscious cameras.

Sports photography is an arduous and versatile profession that demands the ability to work in various conditions. Therefore, the ideal sports photographer must possess a comprehensive arsenal of equipment tailored specifically for their individual needs and circumstances.


When it comes to sports photography, the lens is essential. Whether you opt for an entry level model or the top of the line, this component will make a huge difference in your image quality.

A prime lens will produce razor sharp images in low light conditions since it isn’t susceptible to movement like zoom lenses are, which could result in blur.

Telephoto/super telephoto lenses are essential for field sports and working near the action. Generally, these lenses are fast, of high quality, and capable of producing excellent results in low light or at night.

Weather sealing is another essential feature to look for in camera lenses, as this makes them more robust and capable of withstanding sports photography. Brands such as Canon and Nikon incorporate weather sealing into their lenses so they are better equipped to withstand light rainstorms.

Clothing Etc.

For outdoor sports it’s essential to have spare clothing ready for various weather situations. Sun cream is a wise idea if you’ll be out in the sun for any length of time.

A padded kneeling mat (can be bought from gardening stores) is a valuable asset if you’ll be resting on one knee for any length of time.

Regarding clothing, the code is: ‘dress for now, but plan for worse weather’. You never know if that sunshine will give way to a rainstorm. Plus, if that does happen, then you may also need some warmer clothing at hand.

Another useful accessory is a lunch box. Some sporting events can be very long and the food and drinks at such events is almost always overpriced. On that same subject, consider taking along your own drinks too.

Home Photography Studio Accessories Gift Ideas

Home Photography Studio Accessories Gift Ideas

Home Photography Studio Accessories Gift Ideas

Are you searching for the perfect present for a photographer or budding photog? There’s an array of accessories to choose from – some practical and others whimsical – that would make great presents for anyone who enjoys taking photos.

Camera Gear

A reliable DSLR or mirrorless camera is essential for any photographer, and there is a wide selection of models to choose from that differ in price and features. For hobbyists, an entry-level option may be sufficient; however, advanced photographers may want to invest in a high-end model with features like auto focus and image stabilization.

Lighting Equipment

No home photography studio would be complete without lights. There are various light sources to choose from, such as speedlights and strobes. Ultimately, the type of lights you choose should depend on your objectives; however, investing in something that works well for you will pay dividends down the line.


A prop collection is an integral element of any photo shoot, and they come at almost any price point. From rocks to stuffed parrots, photographers can add a unique touch to their images with these extras.

Photography Books

For beginner photographers, a photography book could make an excellent present. Not only will it introduce them to some fundamental principles of photography, but it will also lay the groundwork for learning more advanced skills in the future.

Night Photography Accessories

Night Photography Accessories


If you’re a serious night photographer, then there are a few pieces of equipment that can make or break your experience. These tools help maximize outdoor time and capture stunning photos like never before!

Neutral Density Filters

A set of neutral density filters is essential for any night photography kit. These filters reduce the amount of light hitting your camera lens by two stops, enabling you to get more exposures in low light conditions and prevent blown-out highlights.

Lens Hoods

Lens hoods are essential night photography accessories, helping protect your camera or lens from dew or frost damage. Not only that, but it acts as a shield against UV rays and scratches – making it an absolute must-have!


A headlamp is an invaluable asset for night photography, freeing up your hands to set up and adjust the camera with ease. Additionally, it can be used to illuminate objects in the foreground during long exposure shots.

Infinity Focus

When taking photos at night, be sure to use infinity focus so that all stars are sharply focused. This will improve focusing accuracy, speed, and convenience – essential for getting sharp, clean images.


A torch is essential for any night photography outfit, as it provides illumination in areas not well lit by street lighting. It also helps illuminate the foreground and set up your camera properly (especially if using flash).

GoPro Accessories to Capture Better Content

Accessories for Gopro Cameras

GoPro Accessories for Superior Content

GoPro accessories offer a vast array of choices, from POV mountain bike mounts to protective housings that keep your camera secure. These tools are designed to maximize the potential of your GoPro and capture high-quality professional footage that won’t disappoint.

A Light Mod

If you’re shooting in dimly-lit spaces, a GoPro light mod might be worth considering. This handy accessory features 10 LED array that ranges from 20 to 200 lumens and provides three user selectable brightness levels as well as strobe function. It’s an excellent way to brighten up your footage without draining your battery life too quickly.

Media Mod

The GoPro Media Mod allows you to transform your camera into an advanced vlogging or filmmaking setup, featuring an integrated microphone, 3.5mm audio port, HDMI output and two cold-shoe mounts for attaching other accessories. Plus it eliminates the need for a separate audio dongle which may be inconvenient for some users.

We can’t count how many GoPro users have had their cameras slip off their wrist or fall into the water during surfing, wakeboarding, boating or fishing – but having a GoPro Floaty attachment is a lifesaver! Constructed out of bright orange foam to ensure your camera comes back up near surface level for easy viewing and helps prevent accidental loss.


Astrophotography Accessories


Astrophotography is an exciting hobby, drawing people in with its dark skies and amazing deep sky photographs. Fortunately, you don’t need a ton of expensive gear to achieve this result.

If you’re just starting out in landscape astrophotography, all that’s necessary is a basic camera and tripod. Over time, however, your kit can be expanded with other hardware that allows for the imaging of more complex objects in the night sky.


DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) and mirrorless cameras are ideal for astrophotography as they enable photographers to open the shutter for extended periods of time, capturing faint or distant objects. Furthermore, these cameras boast high ISO settings which help shoot low-light images.


A tripod is essential for astrophotography, as it allows you to create beautiful long exposures – essential for capturing a great nightscape photograph. Make sure your tripod is sturdy and stable so it’s easy to transport around and set up.


Your choice of lens is critical when taking astrophotography shots. A wide-angle or telephoto lens with at least an aperture of f/2.8 will let in as much light as possible, helping to capture all the detail possible.

CCD and CMOS Imaging Sensors

Your camera’s sensor converts light from stars and other night sky objects into electrons, giving your images greater detail. While CCD sensors tend to be pricier than CMOS ones, they offer higher resolution and better sensitivity which translates into sharper images.

Timelapse Photography Accessories

Timelapse Photography Accessories

If you’re creating time lapse videos, there are a few essential accessories that must be present. These tools will enable you to capture stunning results.


A high-speed DSLR or mirrorless camera is essential for time lapse photography. These models boast advanced manual settings as well as high speed capabilities that make them an ideal choice.


When shooting time lapse, it is essential to use a tripod in order to reduce motion blur, which can ruin your video. This is especially true in low light conditions where subjects may struggle to remain still and results in blurry shots.


An intervalometer is an invaluable tool for time-lapse photography, enabling you to take photos at regular intervals over an extended period. This feature comes in particularly handy if your camera lacks a built-in time lapse feature.

ND Filters

Neutral density filters (ND filters) are essential for daytime time-lapse photography as they slow down your camera’s shutter speed and eliminate “jumpy” movement from frame to frame, especially if your subject is moving quickly such as traffic or people. Using an ND filter helps ensure a steady image even with fast subjects moving quickly like traffic or people.

Time Lapse Software

LRTimelapse is a wonderful program to create stunning time-lapse videos from your photos. It also offers various photo editing features like exposure compensation, white balance and keyframing.

Editing a few photos can be done quickly, but when working with hundreds of photos for a time-lapse video, any step that can be skipped in your workflow will save you valuable post processing time.

Camera and Lens Cleaning Accessories

Camera and Lens Cleaning Accessories

Lens Cleaning Accessories

A quality camera and lens cleaning kit will come equipped with all of the necessary tools for proper cleaning of your equipment. Many come in a convenient carrying case, making it simple to keep these essential items close by when you’re on-the-go and require them quickly.

VSGO Warp-Up Kit

The VSGO warp-up camera cleaning kit contains a blower, brush, lens cleaning pen, cotton swabs, dustproof gloves and alcohol-free lens cleaner. Plus it comes in an elegant bullet-shaped carrying case to keep everything organized neatly.

Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit

This Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit includes wet and dry lens cleaning solutions as well as various brushes, such as an air bulb blower, lipstick-style brush and microfiber cloth. Plus it includes a hard carrying case to protect your gear from scratches or other damage.

APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swabs

These swabs are specifically designed to clean dust and dirt off of the image sensors on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. They’re essential for keeping your sensors in optimal condition so you can capture all your best shots with ease.

JJC Air Blower

The JJC air blower is a gentle tool that can be used to sweep away small particles from lenses without harming them. Plus, its soft tip won’t scratch or harm sensitive surfaces. It comes with instructions on how to use it safely and easily.

Lens Pens and Brushes

An effective camera and lens cleaning kit will include double-sided lenses pens and brushes with carbon tips on one side for picking up fingerprints, oily smudges or other residue, as well as a soft brush on the other to gently clean lenses. Additionally, pre-moistened wipes may be included to dry lenses after wet cleaning has been completed.

Best Clothes for Photography Trips


Best Clothes for Photography Trips

Before embarking on that once-in-a-lifetime photo tour or just wanting to spruce up your Instagram feed, there are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting what to wear. These tips will make the trip more enjoyable and your photos even prettier!

1. Pack for Comfort and Style

Photographers often struggle to look and feel comfortable while on their feet, crouching down low or climbing up high. Your clothing choices will determine how comfortable you are, as well as how sharp your shots appear.

2. Stay Warm and Dry

Rainy days are often part of photography trips, making it challenging to get great shots outside in adverse conditions. That’s why having a reliable rain jacket is so important when shooting in inclement weather: you won’t miss any shots!

3. Keep Hands and Feet Warm

When shooting in colder climates, it’s essential to keep your hands and feet warm. Mittens are an ideal solution for this; not only do they keep fingers warm but also allow you to operate your camera with ease.

4. Bring a Hat

The choice of wearing a hat is entirely yours, but having one on hand is always beneficial. In colder climates or when temperatures drop quickly, having an extra hat can be invaluable as it shields you from wind and sunburn.

5. Don’t Miss These Key Accessories

A great accessory to add color and vibrancy to your photos is a scarf or full-length dress in bright shades. This will give the photographs more movement and offer more posing opportunities.

Lighting Accessories for Outdoor Photography

Lighting Accessories for Outdoor Photography

When shooting in the studio or outdoors, having the right lighting accessories can help you achieve your desired outcomes. These include continuous light, flash units and strobes as well as various lighting modifiers and syncing devices.


Every professional photographer should have several c-stands in their studio. Outdoor photographers especially need them, as they keep your lighting kit stable and protected from windy conditions.


In the studio, one sandbag may be enough to lower your rig’s center of gravity; however, it’s wise to add at least two extras outdoors in case a slight breeze causes any tangles or damage.

Color Checkers

If you’re working with different lights, a color checker can help ensure your images come out looking exactly how desired. They come in various price points and are often included as part of lighting kits or can be purchased separately.


A softbox is an excellent tool to use when you don’t have the time or energy to set up multiple lights. They usually consist of a lightweight wire frame and diffusion fabric, allowing for quick setup in minutes.

Reflectors and Diffusers

Silver and gold reflectors in various sizes can help shape shadows for portrait subjects, as well as reduce direct sunlight’s harshness.

Camera Accessories For Street Photography


No matter if you’re an amateur or professional, having the proper photography gear is key for taking your street photos to the next level. Not having it can limit what opportunities you have available; therefore, consider what gear you need before heading out on a shoot.

Lightweight Camera Body

When walking a lot, it’s essential that your camera body be close by your chest so you can easily use it without feeling burdened. A heavy camera body puts too much strain on the neck and shoulders.

Fast Prime Lens

A fast prime lens will guarantee that you always capture the decisive moment of a photo opportunity, especially in fast-paced genres like street photography where stories don’t have time to develop before subjects move or disappear. A good prime lens is essential for this type of work as it ensures sharp focus on important details like lighting conditions and subject movement.

Quiet Shutter

When photographing in a busy area, your shutter needs to be quiet so as not to distract anyone with it. A loud click may draw attention and prevent you from getting the shot you desire.

Polarizing Filter

Polarizing filters can help reduce reflections and glare, making your images clearer and sharper. This is especially useful when taking pictures of people as it softens the glare on their faces.

Camera Bags

A camera bag is an essential piece of your street photography gear, so make sure it meets all of your personal requirements. Depending on how often you plan to take your camera out with you, backpacks, roller bags, sling bags, waist packs, straps and clips all work great.

Essential Accessories For Photography Printing

Accessories for Photography Printing

Photography is a beloved pastime and career for many people. Whether you are an accomplished professional or novice photographer, there are certain essential accessories that must never be missing in your arsenal.

Photo printers are essential tools in any photography studio. They allow you to quickly and conveniently print digital photos directly from your camera.

Quality photo printers produce vibrant prints with superior resolution that will last for years. B&H Photo and Video offers an extensive selection of printers to choose from, giving you plenty of options.

Ink cartridges are an essential element of any home printer. Opting for high-quality photo ink can help you avoid printing images with blurry or poor detail.

Paper is another essential factor in photo printing. Different papers produce different images, so understanding which kind you are printing on will ensure that your prints look their best.

Photo printing paper options can be endless, making it difficult to know which one best suits your style of photography.

Backdrop Holder

A stunning printed backdrop is the ideal way to show off a stunning photo. This accessory adds visual interest to any studio and will surely please any client.

Real Estate Photography Accessories

real estate

No matter your experience level, real estate photography requires the correct gear. Your photos may be the first thing a potential buyer sees, so make sure they look professional.

Real estate photography equipment should offer affordability, portability and adaptability to the location and environment you shoot in. It will enable you to produce stunning visuals that will capture potential buyers’ attention and convert them into buyers on-the-spot.

Cameras are the most essential piece of gear you’ll need to capture high-quality pictures for your clients. Opt for a DSLR or mirrorless model with an expansive full-frame sensor, top-tier lens, and numerous automatic exposure bracketing settings.

Additionally, a tripod is essential for getting the best photos of your property. This helps ensure that each shot appears natural and balanced as possible.

If you want to take your photography to the next level, investing in a high-end strobe may be worth considering. These units tend to be reliable and durable, offering more power than flashguns or hotshoe units can offer.

Another essential real estate photography accessory is a lens filter. These help prevent reflections from the sun, boost color saturation and reduce glare.

A polarizer can help you capture more vibrant colors in skies and grass. Additionally, you may purchase a neutral density filter to balance exposures between two contrasting elements such as a bright background and dark foreground.

Photography Accessories For Automotive Photography

No matter your expertise or level of experience in automotive photography, there are some great tools that can make your shots stand out. Not only are these accessories fun to have – they also help make the process of taking photographs more productive and efficient.

Cameras and Lenses

For optimal car photography, opt for a DSLR or mirrorless ILC that offers interchangeable lenses from wide angle to long telephoto, as well as zooms within those ranges. Having various lenses on hand will guarantee that you have the flexibility to capture various types of shots.


Light is an integral element in automotive photography, helping to highlight cars and make them stand out from other vehicles in a photo gallery. Additionally, light helps achieve an overall aesthetic look that appeals to viewers by giving off a clean and appealing appearance.

Reflection Control

One of the major difficulties when photographing automotives is eliminating reflections in your images. This can be especially tricky when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight or if your car has a highly reflective surface that absorbs a lot of light, making it difficult to get an effective photograph.

Polarizing filters are essential, but if you plan to use flash, then a softbox (or 5-in-1 reflector with diffuser) is necessary for controlling the light. This will let you direct the beam onto specific parts of your car or emphasize certain details.

Photography Lighting Accessories

No matter if you are just starting out or an experienced pro, lighting can make a dramatic difference in your images. If you need extra light or want to improve your photography lighting setup, there are numerous accessories that can help achieve the look desired.

Continuous Lighting Kits

A continuous lighting kit is an affordable, user-friendly and versatile choice that lets you create various looks. Plus, with each bulb’s adjustable power and color temperature settings, you have more control over the overall effect of your studio lighting setup.

Camera Flashlights

Another excellent choice for adding additional light is a flash unit that attaches directly to your camera via the hot-shoe. This is an effective solution for lighting stills and product shots as well as weddings and sports events.


A great alternative to traditional strobes, speedlights are small external flash units perfect for fast and portable studio lighting. They connect directly to your camera via hotshoe or stand, plus they offer TTL (Total Illumination System) functionality which helps gather information from the scene in front of the lens so you can automatically adjust flash settings accordingly.


The softbox is the most common studio modifier, available in either square or rectangular shapes. They produce a flattering diffused light perfect for most types of photography. You can buy softboxes in various sizes, shapes and colors; one popular style is the strip box which produces an extended narrow beam of light great for lighting subjects from behind for rim-lit effects.

Studio Photography Accessories


Professional photographers or those just starting out in the industry must have certain studio photography accessories in order to take better pictures and simplify their job. Here is a list of essential items that any photographer must have: better pictures; easier life;

Light Stands & Clamps

When setting up your photo studio, having adequate lighting equipment is essential. There are various types of lights to choose from – ring light, umbrella light, rim light, and more – all with various effects and benefits.

Camera Tripods

Photographers need a reliable tripod. Manfrotto tripods have long been known as the gold standard when it comes to stability and flexibility, making them an essential item for any professional photographer.

Camera Straps – Handheld

The neck strap that typically comes with cameras can be uncomfortable to wear on longer shoots. BlackRapid offers a handheld strap that evenly distributes weight around your body for added comfort, or for even more hands-free convenience, consider hip holsters from Spider or Peak Design for even greater freedom of movement.

Reflectors/ Diffusers

When using artificial lighting for portraits, reflectors are necessary to bounce the light and produce balanced photos. They’re easy to use and inexpensive.

Color Correction Cards and White Balance

When shooting in environments prone to harsh or yellowish light, color correction cards can help achieve the ideal white balance. These small cards are both affordable and user-friendly; making them a great investment for photographers looking for affordable yet precise results.

Photography Fashion Accessories

Photography Fashion Accessories

Are you searching for something special to give the fashion photographer in your life? There are some fantastic photography fashion accessories available on the market. These make ideal gifts during the holiday season – especially during Christmastime!

Runway Photography

When shooting runway photos, you’ll need fast lenses that can handle low light conditions as well as a tripod or monopod. Additionally, bring various outfits and props for different shots.

Product Photography

Are you looking to sell products, either independently or with a partner, product photography can be the ideal solution. This type of fashion photography focuses on showcasing the look and quality of your items while giving clients an ideal view.


Editorial fashion photography aims to elicit a specific feeling, usually determined by the brand’s book or aesthetic. These shoots require more planning and teamwork than other types of photography but are one of the most satisfying types due to their creativity.

Photography Accessories For Reflecting Light


Lighting is an integral aspect of photography, and one that can make or break a shot. While there are various methods for achieving desired light, one simple method is using a reflector.

Reflectors are an indispensable piece of camera gear, especially for studio photographers. They soften harsh shadows and cast fill light that balances a subject’s exposure.

Reflectors come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to accommodate any style or situation. A good reflector should be versatile and user-friendly for optimal efficiency.

The ideal reflectors are collapsible, making them convenient to pack away and transport when required. Furthermore, their various positioning options allow you to control lighting conditions according to your preference.

Color: You have many color choices, such as white, silver, gold and black. All of these reflectors bounce light for a dramatic effect – just pick the color that best suits your style and shooting requirements!

Silver is the most reflective and can be used in weak lighting situations, while gold warms up light that’s been bounced, creating a golden tone. While this option works best when you want to emphasize sun tan or other vibrant colors in the image, it isn’t suitable for darker or duller conditions.

Another great option is a diffuser, which evenly spreads light to create soft lighting and highlight details. This type of device is commonly used in product and food photography as well as portraiture.

Best Run and Gun Photography Accessories

Best Run and Gun Photography Accessories

Best Run and Gun Photography Accessories

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or simply want to hone your photography skills, having the right set of equipment is essential. From cutting-edge video gear to stylish bags for keeping your rig tidy, we’ve got everything you need.

One of our all-time favorite camera bags is the Pelican 1510 deluxe bag, which holds plenty of high-end video equipment while looking stylish. Sling it over your shoulder for easy access to its front zippered pocket and spacious padded back that can accommodate a full sized DSLR camera along with its associated gimbal and lighting kit.

Most importantly, it is the ideal way to store your precious cargo so that you don’t have to lug it around the house. Thankfully, the company’s line of cases is extensive, offering everything from small and compact bags up to the largest available. Plus, these cases are easy to clean and maintain so you can rely on them for years to come.

Kids Photography Accessories

Kids Photography Accessories

Check out these awesome Kids Photography Accessories to make your shoots more entertaining and captivating!

Props are an ideal addition to any photo session, whether you’re working with newborns or older children. Not only do they add color and style, but they can help tell a story and keep your subject engaged throughout the duration of the shoot.

Stuffed animals, balls and ribbons are just some of the props you can use to take beautiful shots of your children. Mix and match these items for unique compositions.

Chairs are an easy prop to incorporate into your child’s portraits. They can serve either as the background for the photograph, or they can even be held by the subject themselves!

Leaves make beautiful backdrops for your child’s portraits, offering a natural-looking backdrop that can enhance any image. With an array of colors and sizes available, there’s sure to be one perfect for your shoot.


A small lollipop or chewable candy is an effective bribe to keep your children engaged during photo sessions. This can be particularly helpful when they experience meltdowns or are feeling grumpy about something during the shoot.

Pencil Frame

A felt letter board can add a whimsical touch to your child’s school portraits or first day of school photos. Plus, it makes for a lovely keepsake to display year after year.

Diaper Bag

Sometimes babies need diaper changes or something to calm them down during photoshoots. So it’s always wise to bring along a diaper bag when planning your session. Additionally, bring along some snacks (nothing too heavy or messy) and water for your little one as well.

Bird Photography Accessories

Bird Photography Accessories

Equipping yourself with the correct bird photography gear is essential for capturing quality images, especially if you plan on shooting birds in their natural habitat.


Lenses are essential equipment for bird photographers. The best lenses provide fast autofocus to track birds while they move or fly, as well as razor sharp image quality.


A tripod can help keep your camera and telephoto lens steady, eliminating the risk of blurry images when either is moving while waiting for the ideal moment to capture a photo. This also eliminates any potential blurry pictures that may occur if either malfunctions while taking pictures.


Rain can be a real issue for bird photographers, so you need to ensure your gear is safeguarded from the elements. A rain cover is an effective solution; available in various sizes and colors, they provide protection from dust and water infiltration.


Gimbal heads allow you to quickly pan and tilt your camera’s telephoto lens without having to constantly adjust positioning. Furthermore, they help capture images of erratic birds that may be difficult to follow with a ball head.

Camera Bags and Photography Backpacks

Best Camera Bags and Photography Backpacks

Camera Bags and Photography Backpacks

Backpacks are the most common and versatile way to transport your camera equipment. They typically provide plenty of interior space for a DSLR, multiple lenses, and other accessories while spreading the weight so you don’t feel all your equipment on one shoulder.

Backpacks typically feature a padded back panel to reduce the weight on your shoulders and hips. Some even feature metal bars for better distribution of weight.

Compartments are another essential consideration, as these often house all your equipment – batteries, filters and sd-cards included. You can opt for large compartments with plenty of room or smaller ones that fit discreetly depending on what you need.

Weatherproofing is another factor to consider, with some bags made from water-resistant materials or offering pull-out rain covers.

Size and capacity are important factors to consider, with some bags large enough for professional setups while others might be more compact and ideal for city-based photo shoots. Bear in mind that the larger the bag, the heavier it will weigh.

Finally, your camera backpack should fit your photography style and provide the most convenience, comfort and organization possible. It should accommodate all essentials while offering enough room to expand in the future. Furthermore, it must be durable and user-friendly while withstanding all the rigors that come with traveling and shooting.

Photography Accessories for Travel

When it comes to photography, there are plenty of tools that can help you get the most out of your photos. But there are some essential items every photographer should have in their gear bag for when taking great shots.

Camera Strap – No matter the type of camera you own, having a reliable camera strap is essential for easy carrying and prevents drops. Not only does it make carrying your device much easier, but it can also protect it from damage while in storage.

Memory Card Case – When traveling with a large number of memory cards, it’s essential to keep them secure and protected from scratching, damage and water. A case like the SanDisk portable SSD drive offers reliable protection that fits in your pocket perfectly.

Lens Cleaning Kit – If you have multiple lenses, it is essential to clean them regularly in order to keep them in optimal condition. A quality lens cleaning kit is an essential travel item that can ensure your camera lens does not become contaminated with dust, grime or scratches during transit.

Tripod – A tripod is essential equipment for any photographer, from adventure travelers to landscape professionals. Not only does it prevent camera shake, but it can also help create compositions and focus in your photos. A sturdy tripod will ensure the quality of your images regardless of subject matter or style.

USB Charging Cable – A reliable USB charging cable can be an invaluable asset when it comes to maintaining the battery of your camera during a shoot. These small devices have a micro USB connector that plugs directly into the camera, allowing them to be powered from various sources including the camera itself.

Hiking Photography Accessories

Hiking Photography Accessories

Hiking Photography Accessories

When it comes to backpacking photography, there are some essential items you won’t want to be without. These include a backpack for your camera, extra batteries and possibly even a tripod.

Backpacks specifically designed for backpacking and hiking, such as the Whistler Backpack, will make your treks more comfortable. Plus, these bags offer extra storage space for all of your gear – including a dedicated compartment for cameras!

Waterproof cameras are an ideal choice for capturing the best moments of your journey. They’re small and lightweight, making them easy to transport in a backpack or pocket, plus they are resistant to water damage.

DSLRs are an ideal choice for hikers due to their superior image quality compared to point-and-shoot or mobile phone cameras. Furthermore, DSLRs boast interchangeable lenses that let you shoot in wide or telephoto perspectives.

Telephoto lenses enable photographers to take photos of faraway objects, like mountains and animals, which can be incredibly creative and captivating. Additionally, they are great for capturing details in landscapes like trees or rivers.

Think Tank Camera Support Straps are an excellent way to reduce neck pain when carrying your camera for hours on end on long hikes. These straps shift the weight away from your neck to your shoulders and attach directly to most backpacks using two metal clips.

Mirrorless cameras are ideal for hiking due to their larger sensor than point-and-shoot or mobile phone counterparts, capturing more light and detail in low light conditions. Furthermore, many mirrorless cameras come with built-in image stabilization which enables you to hold your camera much longer even in dim lighting conditions.

Photography Accessories For Backdrops

Photography Accessories for Backdrops

Backdrops are used to add visual interest to photos by providing a background that complements the subject and environment. Popular backdrop options range from canvas, Muslin, Seamless Paper, Fantasy Cloth and Vinyl to Chroma Key, Velvet and Velour options.

Selecting the ideal backdrop for your studio is a crucial decision that will allow you to take better pictures. Read on for the best options for your needs.

Canvas: For professional studio portraits, this heavy-duty backdrop is a great option. However, it’s not as portable or budget-friendly as muslin.

Seamless Paper: Seamless paper is a popular option because it’s simple to set up and comes in various colors. Plus, its versatility allows for creative looks by draping it on stands or stretching across studio backdrop stands for various looks.

Vinyl: For adding more intricate textures or scenes to your backdrop, vinyl is the ideal material. It is relatively thick and rigid, so you won’t have to worry about creasing or cracking.

Muslin: Muslin is a popular choice among photographers due to its cotton weave fabric which holds dyes and paints well. Being thinner and lighter than canvas, muslin doesn’t show creases as easily.

Stretch Knit: Stretch knit fabric is an ideal choice for portable photoshoot setups, as it’s flexible enough to hang from a simple backdrop stand or stretch across more elaborate studio backdrop stands to add an instant brand element to your shots.

Pet Photography Accessories


Pet photographers around the world share their passion for animals and want to make a living from it. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, there are plenty of great tools that will help capture those priceless moments in an eye-catching and captivating way.

Photography Gear

Acquiring the proper camera and lenses is essential for taking quality photos of your furry friends. Ideally, use a camera with fast autofocus that can keep up with pets who move quickly and jump around.

Pet photographers should look for a high-quality camera that produces both JPEG and RAW files. A good camera might include a touchscreen, fast shooting speed, and weather sealing gaskets that prevent sand, dirt, or other particles from entering your lens.


A telephoto lens is an essential tool for any pet photographer’s tool belt. Not only does it enable you to photograph your pet from afar, but its variable focal length allows you to switch from wide-angle to tighter frames without changing lenses – perfect!


When taking photos of pets, it’s always better to capture them in natural light. Select an area with plenty of sunshine but that isn’t too overcast or dark.

Food Photography Equipment & Accessories


If you love taking photos of food, these equipment & accessories will help you capture stunning visuals. From backdrops and tripods to color-correction tools, these food photography essentials can transform ordinary dishes into breathtaking works of art.

Camera & Lenses

A decent kit camera can be had for less than $500, but investing in a quality DSLR with wide dynamic range and excellent low light performance is recommended. A zoom lens with narrow depth of field like Canon’s 24-70mm is essential for food photography; make sure to get one with fast f/2.8 aperture as well.

Tripods & Overhead Rigs

A tripod is essential equipment for food photographers. It keeps your camera steady while capturing various angles without any blur.

Overhead Rigs & Backgrounds

Food photo shoots often take a unique perspective to give viewers an overview of the dish’s composition. Overhead DSLR rigs offer the ideal solution for this type of shooting.

Gingham Cloths & Striped Tablecloths

A gingham cloth is a timeless visual prop for food photography, offering the opportunity to add some visual interest. Its classic design and lines create an air of summery nostalgia that harkens back to picnics and bake sales alike.

Stainless Steel Plates

For food photography studios, stainless-steel plates are essential. Not only are they durable and easy to clean, but the material also resists heat without warping or fading.

Essential Product Photography Accessories

Product Photography Accessories

No single set of equipment is essential for all product photographers. But there are some essentials that everyone who wants to take product photos for their e-commerce business or advertising campaign should have on hand.

For product photography, investing in a full-frame DSLR camera is your best bet. These cameras boast stunning resolution, advanced autofocus features and an incredibly durable body.

Tripods are essential tools for any product photographer. Not only do they level and stabilize the camera during shoots, but they’re also essential in any good studio setup.

Lighting is another essential piece of product photography equipment. The right lights can make a significant difference in both your image quality and post-production workflow when editing.

Lighting can save time and money during post-production by enabling you to quickly isolate a product from its background or place it against a pure white backdrop without needing to open up the image in Photoshop.

Backdrops and Surfaces

For a basic product photo session, you can use either foam board or poster board as your backdrop. Or, for something extra special, invest in a commercial-grade backdrop specifically designed for e-commerce product photography.

Styling Props & Tools

With the correct styling props and tools, you can transform a simple product photo into an eye-catching image that captures the essence of your brand or merchandise. This is especially true if you plan to do lifestyle product photography – taking photos of items in their natural habitat.

Landscape Photography Accessories


Landscape photographers typically own a few essential pieces of equipment. From a camera body to an excellent wide angle lens and tripod, these form the basis of any professional setting up in landscape photography.

Neutral Density Filters (ND Filters) enable you to control how much light comes through your camera sensor, which is useful when taking long exposure shots such as motion blur in flowing water or headlights flashing down a road in an urban landscape. Furthermore, they reduce glare from water, trees, clouds and other objects which could detract from your image.

Weather Resistant Covers

These covers can protect your camera and lenses from environmental elements. They’re especially beneficial in areas that experience heavy rainfall or when spending time out in nature during cold months.


Selecting a reliable tripod is essential for most landscape photographers as it helps guarantee the best images when shooting in challenging conditions. You have various options to choose from, such as those specifically designed for outdoor use or even those with integrated heads.


These plates are an essential accessory for any tripod, allowing you to quickly switch between landscape and portrait orientations. Plus, these prevent your tripod from sinking into mud, wet sand or snow.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Landscape photographers who often get wet during their shoots should invest in waterproof shoes and socks to stay dry. Not only will these keep you dry from mud, wet sand or small amounts of water when shooting waterfalls but they will protect your feet from blisters and other discomforts caused by not having appropriate footwear for the environment.

Photography Studio Accessories

photo studio

Constructing the ideal photography studio takes time and dedication, but there are some essential tools that will make life much simpler for you. These accessories may not “make the shot”, but they certainly can make life a lot smoother in the process.

The Camera

A reliable camera is the first piece of gear you’ll need when starting to take photos. Whether it’s an entry-level model or a high-end DSLR, having a reliable and durable camera will be key for successful photography.


Photographers require proper lighting in their studios in order for subjects to be visible and the right kind of lights can add depth to your images. You have several options for selecting lighting, such as overhead fixtures, umbrellas, softboxes and more; all are essential in providing adequate illumination for successful photography.

The Backdrop

A stylish backdrop is essential for any photo shoot. They come in various sizes, colors and styles so that you can add some personality to your photos.

The Stands

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for any photo studio, but you need one that’s sturdy, easy to set up and move around, and able to remain stable throughout a photo session. There is an impressive selection of tripods available online – from Manfrotto 290 series models for beginners up through aluminum or carbon-fiber options designed to last years.

The Bag

Photographers often carry heavy and bulky equipment when travelling. That is why having a reliable bag that can safely transport it is so important. The Manfrotto Pro Light RedBee-110 backpack is ideal for photographers on the go; featuring Camera Protection System to safeguard your gear as well as water repellent fabric designed to extend its lifespan.

Portrait Photography Accessories

Portrait Photography

No matter if you’re just starting out in portrait photography or have been around for awhile, there are always new accessories that can help improve your images. Here is a list of essential items to add to your kit:

Camera Tripod

Travel photographers or studio photographers need a tripod to keep their cameras steady when moving. Manfrotto BeFree Compact tripods offer all the control you need for beautiful portraits with minimal effort.

Flash Modifiers

A flash modifier is a must-have accessory for any portrait photographer. It allows you to adjust the amount of light that hits your subject’s face, eliminating shadows in the process. Plus, it’s user-friendly and cost-effective – making it the ideal addition to any camera bag!

Light Reflectors

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of any photograph. Utilizing reflectors allows you to subtly adjust the light until your portraits look fantastic – indoors, outdoors, or even under direct sunlight! They’re suitable for use in studio settings, on location shoots and even outdoor portraits.

Phone Photography Accessories

Phone Photography Accessories

Unless you’re a professional photographer, most of us use our phones as our main camera. To get the best photos out of your phone camera, consider investing in some phone photography accessories. These will enable better pictures, enhance video quality and even make printing your favorite shots much simpler.

Camera Rigs and Gripses for Serious Content Creators

If you plan on shooting video with your smartphone, a camera rig or grip is an essential item. These allow you to mount the camera, lights, microphones, and other accessories onto your phone for improved stability while shooting video.

One of the top iPhone camera rigs for professionals is the Shoulderpod G2 Professional Video Grip. This versatile accessory includes two tripod threads and six cold shoe mounts to accommodate various accessories like lights, microphones, and battery packs.

The company also manufactures a stylish ring light that can be clipped to the back of your phone for a soft wash of illumination that won’t obstruct sightlines. It has three brightness levels and 36 long-lasting LEDs to avoid harsh or overexposed images.

Lenses for Improved Image Quality

Smartphone cameras come with excellent built-in camera lenses, but they lack the full zoom range found on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Xenvo’s Pro Lens Kit is an ideal way to extend your smartphone’s zoom, wide angle, and macro capabilities for a more versatile shooting experience.

Macro Photography Accessories


Photographing flowers, bugs and other minute details can be incredibly rewarding for all photographers. But it’s often challenging to capture those candid shots without the right equipment.

To make those close-ups a reality, you’ll need some basic macro photography equipment. A tripod is the most essential item for this type of photography; however, there are other suitable options too, such as those that allow you to position your camera at ground level.

Macro lenses are essential for serious macro photographers and come in various focal lengths. A great choice is the 180mm or 200mm macro, which offers a longer working distance and more control when focusing.

Another useful accessory is a close-up filter, which is an optical magnifying lens that screws onto your camera’s lens. Although they tend to be less costly than compound lenses, these can still make great additions to any kit.

Extension tubes are an invaluable accessory for macro photography, reducing the minimum focusing distance of your lens while improving image quality and depth of field. They come individually or in sets, with options to stack them for even greater magnification.

Lighting up your subject is essential for getting an amazing macro shot. While there are various types of flashes you can use for this purpose, a handheld flash offers more control over the direction and quality of the light.

Camera shake can be a serious issue, so having a quality tripod is essential. Great brands to look out for are Manfrotto and Gitzo. For a more wallet-friendly option take a look at Slik tripods.

Creative Photography Accessories

Creative Photography Accessories

Creative Photography Accessories

Every photographer needs a good camera to take pictures, but there are lots of cool accessories that can make it even better. From flash gels and filters to special effects lighting tools, here are our favorite creative photography items that would make great gifts for the photographer in your life.

Action cameras are essential for anyone who loves to photograph outdoors or during adventure trips. While they’re small enough to fit into a backpack, their high-quality lenses and advanced features like waterproofing and shockproofing allow them to capture stunning images with minimal effort.

An external hard drive is a must-have for any digital photographer, especially those who work on the go. It provides a secure way to back up all of your photos and videos, and this Sandisk Extreme portable external SSD offers all the features you need at an unbeatable price point.

Light reflectors are an excellent way to control ambient lighting around you, making them suitable for any type of photography genre. Not only are they user-friendly and cost-effective, but they don’t need additional electrical plugins or lighting either – making them the ideal solution!

Tethering cables are an efficient way to link your camera and computer, enabling you to view the images taken onscreen as soon as they’re taken. This helps identify any issues with the shot so that you can correct them before taking a photo.

Wedding Photography Accessories

Wedding Photography Accessories

Camera and lens equipment are essential pieces of wedding photography equipment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some accessories to your kit that will help make taking photos better and easier.

Backpacks – As a lighter alternative to camera bags, backpacks are easier on your back and arms. Furthermore, they allow you to shoot more quickly without straining your muscles.

Stems – You may prefer to keep your camera attached to a stem rather than in a bag or case. This is especially useful for photographers who use tripods, as the stem keeps your camera secure and prevents it from falling out of its bag.

Reflector – A reflector can be an excellent aid in getting well-lit formal portraits. It bounces the natural light present in the room, creating an even backdrop for photos.

Flash – When taking photos in low light conditions, flash is an invaluable asset. It allows for dance floor photos and lights up the bride and groom during portrait sessions for brightening up their portraits.

Video Lights – These reliable light sources are perfect for photographers who want to get a visual of how their lighting will appear without having to set up each shot individually.

Batteries – Make sure you always have spare batteries on hand for all of your camera, flash and off-camera flash accessories. They can drain quickly in different weather conditions and become expensive to replace if not taken care of promptly.

Photography Accessories Gift Ideas

If you know someone who is passionate about photography, chances are they’re looking for gifts to help them hone their craft. Whether they’re just starting out or an experienced pro, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Camera Accessories Gift Ideas That Any Photographer Will Appreciate

A set of extra memory cards or flash drive is always a safe bet, but for something more creative, there are some other great options that could be perfect for the photographer in your life. A digital photo frame is an excellent way to showcase their favorite images while some photography gloves keep their hands warm while shooting outside during cold weather conditions.

Lighting Tools

If the photographer in your life loves taking photos at night, give them some accent lighting for a touch of magic. A portable LED light is an ideal choice to let them capture the environment with vibrant hues while they work.

Print a Gift

Many photographers only get to see their favorite images on their tablets or monitors. Pay to have their favorite image printed to hang on the wall (a nice large print will be very impressive!)

Personalized Camera-Themed Gifts

A set of stylish camera-themed cufflinks or earrings can be the ideal finishing touch to a stylish wardrobe, especially for photographers who like to dress up at night. Alternatively, you could select a camera-shaped pendant necklace as an ideal present for the camera enthusiast in your life.

Lighting Accessories for Photography

Lighting Accessories for Photography

Lighting Accessories

Light is one of the most critical elements when taking a photograph. Without proper illumination, pictures may appear too dark or bright, with unintended shadows or glare.

When selecting the ideal light for photography, wattage, temperature and bulb type (such as tungsten or fluorescent) must all be taken into account. A strobe light system should have at least 500 watts to provide optimal illumination.

Strobes are an indispensable studio tool, often combined with reflectors and other modifiers. Additionally, they may be fitted with different grids for producing different degrees of directional lighting.


Modifiers are small devices that sit between a strobe and your subject of the photograph, altering both color and intensity of light emitted. They’re an excellent way to give your shots a professional touch and can be utilized for everything from portraits to product photography.


Softboxes are a common studio accessory. Used together with reflectors and bouncers, softboxes create diffused beams of light that minimize shadows. Special types of softboxes like strip boxes or octagonal softboxes create narrower or wider beams than standard ones, which can be useful when shaping the light on subjects.

Background Stands

Background stands are support systems used to hold backdrops securely in place. They may be free-standing or wall-mounted, making it easier to keep lights steady during a shoot and quickly switch backgrounds.

Film Photography Accessories Every Photographer Needs


No matter your level of photography expertise, these items are essential for every photographer to have on hand. Not only will these make life as a photographer easier, but they also help create better photos and keep your film safe for future projects.

Camera Bags & Gear

A quality camera bag will protect your camera from scratches and damage while providing easy access to its components. Camera bags come in a range of styles, from hard cases to soft-snap options that offer both function and aesthetic appeal.

Lens Hoods & Filters

Lens hoods are essential tools for film photographers, helping to filter out excess light and reduce glare to produce sharper images with vibrant colors. Lens hoods come in a range of sizes and styles so you can find one that perfectly suits your camera and photography requirements.

Cable Releases & Soft Shutter Buttons

A remote shutter release cable is an essential camera accessory for film photographers who take long exposure images. This small device lets you press the shutter button without touching your camera, which reduces camera shake and makes capturing sharp, clear photos much simpler.

Light Meters

A handheld light meter is an invaluable investment for any camera, but especially film photographers who don’t have access to through-the-lens light metering. A reliable light meter will tell you precisely how to adjust your settings to get accurate exposure, helping you take better photos with less hassle.

Wildlife Photography Accessories

Wildlife Photography Accessories

Wildlife Photography Accessories

Acquiring the proper gear is essential for taking stunning wildlife photos. Whether you’re on safari in Africa or photographing a wild cat right in your own backyard, having the correct tools is key to producing stunning visuals.

Cameras and lenses are great, but there are other items you can add to your bag that will enhance your shooting experience. From field guides and binoculars to tripods and a portable chair, this list has some of the most essential accessories for wildlife photographers that will make life easier while making taking photographs easier.


A high quality wildlife photography tripod is essential, particularly if you use a long telephoto lens. Not only does it reduce camera shake but it keeps everything stable so that you don’t miss any important shots.

Photo Backpacks

When it comes to photo backpacks, the best option is a rugged photo backpack that can support the weight of your camera and lenses while offering easy access. Swedish-made Walkstool Comfort is one such example – priced affordably with two telescopic sections providing height adjustment without breaking the bank.


You never know when you might need to string something up or fix a broken item, so having some paracord on hand is always useful. A pocket-sized flashlight is also essential for those who spend much of their time in the dark.


Wildlife photographers spend most of their time scanning the land for animals, making a set of binoculars an essential item. Lightweight yet offering excellent magnification power, binoculars can get you close to the action.

Product Photography Accessories For Ecommerce Brands

Product Photography Accessories

Product Photography Accessories

When it comes to taking and displaying great photos, there’s no shortage of gear available. But don’t let the high price tag deter you – there are plenty of budget-friendly options that won’t break the bank and can make a significant difference in the quality of your images.

Starting is simple: purchase the necessary equipment and practice until you feel confident with your settings and shooting technique. After mastering the fundamentals, experiment with different angles and styles of shots to find what works best for your brand and business.

For product photography, having the correct camera and tripod is paramount. While you don’t need to invest in an ultra-premium DSLR or mirrorless camera, opting for a high-quality model that meets your specific needs will give you more control and produce superior results.

Lenses are another essential element of any product photography setup. A wide-angle lens that gets close to your subject helps create more eye-catching product photos and makes it simpler to capture those hero shots.

You might also want to consider investing in a higher-end zoom lens for shooting products in low light conditions and having more creative freedom when framing your shots.

A tripod is an invaluable asset for any ecommerce photographer. Not only does it keep your camera level, but it can also be used to focus on framing subjects, eliminating blurry backgrounds and providing stability when altering camera settings during a shoot.

Photography Accessories For Beginners

Photography Accessories for Beginners

If you’re just starting out as a photographer, there are several essential accessories that must be included in your bag. Having these tools will enable you to take amazing pictures and hone your photography skills.


A great lens is essential for taking stunning photos. It helps create detailed close-ups and portraits or capture landscapes at their finest. Lenses come in a range of shapes, sizes and price points; some even specialize in certain uses such as macro or wide-angle photography.


Filters can add to your photos’ realistic quality by bringing out colors or eliminating reflections. Polarizers eliminate glare and reduce reflections in photos, while neutral density filters create long exposure images during daylight hours while retaining detail in highlights.

Light Reflectors

A light reflector is an affordable and practical addition to your photography gear. It allows you to control the lighting environment of your images, which is especially helpful when working in studio settings.

Photo Editing Software

Photographers require photo-editing software for various reasons: to adjust color balance, sharpen images, remove background distractions and more. Many programs come with presets for different settings so it’s easy to get started without learning the intricacies of the program.

Memory Cards

Cameras come with memory cards, which store and transfer your photos to a computer. These come in various formats but SD is the most popular; make sure your camera is compatible before purchasing one.


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